24/7 Livestream Content Ideas For Youtube Channel - 24/7 Livestream Service Nepal

24/7 Livestream Content Ideas For Youtube Channel - 24/7 Livestream Service Nepal

For 24/7 livestream to youtube channel : you need some content ideas, pre-recorded videos.

Here are some 24/7 livestream content ideas for a YouTube channel :

- 24/7 Music Channel : You can create a 24/7 live music stream channel featuring a specific genre music or artist or different songs. You can create long video adding music to it and can run it in a loop 24/7.  

- Gaming : Now, how can we escape gaming these days. You can record a long gameplay video, showing best moments in game. Then you can do 24/7 livestream of that video in your youtube channel. Will be good, if you change new videos per 2 days.

- Nature Videos : Shoot rain videos, nature videos, birds flying videos, river videos and more. Compile them. Share videos of tourism location (of your city, country). Loop it.

- Cooking : Pre-record and compile different cooking videos. Show them, teach them. Livestream it in 24/7 state in your channel. 

- Educational Videos : You run training institute ? Education point ?, create best training, tutorial and teaching videos. Compile them and livestream it 24/7 in your channel. Will help establish brand and gain more students to your institute.

- Scenic Beauty From Your Location : Your house, flat or office is located in best scenic beauty area ? Can you place cctv/cam in your building ? If yes, then do direct livestream from that location (if wifi and power backup is good). If there is internet and power backup problem, then record 2-3 hours of video, then compile it, and run 24/7 livestream video in a loop via your youtube channel.

- Also other : Fitness, News, Q&A, Travel Vlog.

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